Big Bend Incense – Charred Wood Smoky Embers Amber + Spice


Make your living room smell like Big Bend National Park, or at least calm you down to the point of visualizing being at the park.

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Good & Well Supply Co. have transformed their National Park line of candles into incense!

These incense cones are hand-dipped and are housed in a sturdy aluminum tin; the lid can be used as a burning surface. Each cone will burn for 20-30 minutes with a scent longevity of 2-4 hours. Each tin contains 30 incense cones.

Made in small batches in Seattle, WA.

All of these products are 100% vegan. 100% eco-friendly. 100% recyclable. Ethically sourced + produced. Never tested on animals. GMO free. Phthalate free. Made in the USA.


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