Nocs Provisions Woven Wrist Loop

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Core Features:

  • Comfy and stylish cotton woven tapestry outer layer
  • Durable and strong polyester base layer
  • Compatible with all Nocs optics
  • Adjustable Wrist Sinch
  • Quick Release Clip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Plastic-free packaging

This Woven Tapestry Strap is the perfect compliment to your Zoom Tube or Standard Issue binoculars. Be confident while using your optics in no-fall-zones! Going on a high angle hike? headed out on a whaling adventure? Searching for that elusive coastal raptor? This wrist loop will help you get there.


Woven Cotton Jacquard Pattern

  • This strap wears in and gets comfier with time. A woven jacquard material is durable in the elements and ages like fine wine.


Durable and strong polyester base layer

  • A nylon reinforced backbone with multiple layers of stitching ensures this strap can support whatever is dangling from your wrist, no matter what that might be.


Adjustable Wrist Sinch

  • Dial in the security with the wrist sinch, allowing for a snug or loose grip on the wrist depending on the circumstances underfoot.


Quick Release

  • Quick to connect, quick to release, the included quick release clips make for easy attachment to the strap, and detachment when not needed. Adjustable G-clips allow you to get the length right.


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