Our History

The beginning

This Texas Trailhead is for anyone who loves the outdoors, or is looking for an excuse to go outside and play. I started hiking for my mental health. I wanted to breathe fresh air, get into the outdoors and clear my head. And something fantastic happened: I loved it. Come along on the journey, and hopefully by sharing these stories y’all get out there too!

Est. 2019

The TXTH Story

In 2018 I’d been losing sleep, drinking in abundance, stressed out about life, and trying to figure out why I was so anxious all of the time.

I was anxious about my job, my life, and my health and wanted to do something about my overall well-being in general.

Running was the first option, but I soon realized that it wasn’t an activity I was fond of, so I decided to get back into hiking.  Growing up in the Boy Scouts I spent a lot of time outdoors, but like most people, they get focused on school and work, and I lost the desire to be in nature.

I took my daughter to Enchanted Rock SNA and was forever changed by that experience.  Being outside helped burn some mental energy, and it was the first thing that I found worked on improving my mental health.  Mostly as it helped change my perspective of what truly is important in life.

Texas Trail Company is a gift shop that brings you gear meant for the trail and accessories that help keep you thinking about being on an incline through the West Texas hills, or the east Texas pines.

The clothing is built to work as hard as you do on the trails.  Thank you for your support, and growing with the brand.

Trailhead Lifestyle

TXTH is a multi-media adventure across all social media spectrums including:


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Key People

These are the hardworking folks that bring you all of the news and information for the Texas Trailhead.  Contact us if you’d like to grow with the team.

Get out on the trails y’all.

Danny Laurel