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rentals are closed

Due to a lack of interest the rental program has ended.  If you’re in the Austin area looking for gear to rent, please contact me directly. 

Why Rent Gear?

We get it.  Backpacking and camping gear can get expensive really quickly. 

What if you’re not sure if you’re even going to use it again?

Take the risk out of buying gear for your next adventure by renting what you need, testing it out, and then deciding if you want to keep doing it. 

Texas Trailhead rentals features the top names in the outdoor industry that will ensure you will feel confident knowing these items will work well out on the trail. 

Pick Your Gear

Schedule your time

Receive Gear

Have Fun!

Backpacking Kits

Whether you’re on a 3-day primitive backpacking adventure or setting off on a 3-week journey, find a backpacking kit to suit your needs. 

These kits include backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and more.

Find backpacks for men and women that will get you going on your multi-day trip. Featuring backpacking packs from Osprey around 65 L. 

Car Camping

If you’re looking to pull into your campsite then car camping gear is for you. 

These items won’t focus on cutting weight, and will feature a few more items that can’t be packed into a backpacking pack. 

Gear package includes tent, chairs, cookstove and more.  Location limits apply.


Gear & Accessories a la carte

Don’t need a full setup? Find individual gear and accessories to compliment your next adventure.

Add any items individually to try new brands, or as just in case items. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I rent gear?

Renting gear does a few things; it allows adventurers an opportunity to try a new hobby before they buy, gives people an opportunity to go outdoors without a huge investment, keeps gear from being sad in a garage when it's bought and not used.

What brands do you have?

TXTH rents out the top names in the outdoor industry including, but not limited to, Osprey, Nemo, Kelty, and Black Diamond.

How does the process work?

First you decide when you want to go. If your time slot is available you pick your gear and how long you'd like to borrow it. Your items will receive before your trip in a package with return shipping.When you're back you have two days to ship back items.

Ok, great, but how much?

Items can be rented a la carte, or as a package, so prices will vary. There is a $25 deposit required in full upon purchase. Everything comes back in good shape, you get that back.

Do I pay anything up front?

There is a security deposit for items damaged or lost. After items have been returned and inspected the security funds will be released. Normal wear and tear is normal, but carelessness is not. Other people need to enjoy these items too!

Any customer satisfaction guarantees?

If you're unhappy before you go on your trip, renting gear won't make you happy when you arrive. So no angry trip refunds. If gear fails while you're using it due to manufacturing defects you will receive a refund on specific gear. ie. tent leaks, backpack strap breaks.

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