Texas Trailhead Standing Pee Funnel


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The standing pee funnel makes it easy to urinate standing up! Great for peeing while hiking, unsightly restrooms, and emergencies.

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Worried about unsanitary restrooms at the park, or need to pee standing up?  The Texas Trailhead standing pee funnel is a 100% silicon answer to peeing while you’re in the outdoors.

Lightweight and collapsable, the standing pee funnel can be stuffed in its own bag and stored discreetly.

The design allows for fuller coverage on your body, and the length of the funnel helps with directing the flow of liquid away from your body, but also allows for fitting into the top of a bottle in situations where you can’t go outside.

If you’re new to pee funnels you can practice in the shower first to get comfortable with it.

Can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

Perfect for all body types and completely dishwasher safe.

Weight 2.82 oz

Green, Purple, Black, Light Blue, Pink

1 review for Texas Trailhead Standing Pee Funnel

  1. Haley Cottey

    I love my funnel! Gives me plenty of coverage and I’m not worried anything is going to overflow 😉

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